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Asian Women Evaluation ‘The Way To Get An Asian Girlfriend,’ A Novel That Really Exists |

Here is an expert tip should you want to attract Asian ladies: You should not review e-books on the subject compiled by white dudes.

In a hilarious
new video clip series
, overall performance musician
Kristina Wong
and a panel of similarly amusing Asian women review self-published guides about picking up Asian women. Titles include Derek Solid’s not-quite-classic

The way to get an Asian girl: The conclusive help guide to Asian women.

Intense’s “best” insider tip? Asian women


Yelp, very utilize the overview site as your own personal dating site.

″Everyone loves Yelp, he’s to myself. Oh, my personal gosh,” says
porn star Asa Akira
. “But, What i’m saying is, i’d


big date men off Yelp.”

“This ought to be labeled as

Tips Maybe Not Get Laid, Ever Before,

” Akira jokes later on into the clip.

In an interview with HuffPost, Wong stated the experts, stars and comedians throughout the section relished the opportunity to tear to the authors associated with book.

“it absolutely was a fairly amusing shoot time,” she said. “Some women happened to be breaking upwards, other people had been horrified, other people struggled to comprehend precisely what the men had been claiming through their awkward text of some ideas. It had been like reading the ideas of these weird white dude I was thinking the ’90s put aside.”