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Brand new Bundahis, Bahman Yast, and you can Shayast La-Shayast, transl

Brand new Bundahis, Bahman Yast, and you can Shayast La-Shayast, transl

Dadistan-i Dinik (otherwise Religious Opinions away from Manuskihar young man away from Yudan-Yim, Dastur off Pars and you can Kirman, Good

PAHLAVI Texts. Area We. EW West (1880) SBE 5. Oxford: Clarendon. So it and extra amounts change enduring theological and courtroom texts (since understood in the 1880s) of Zoroastrianism, believed in order to result of Avestan messages now-lost. Translator responses with the of several difficulties and you can concerns out of his functions. Notes below are very tentative. Bundahis (or perhaps the Original Manufacturing). ch. XV: 1-5 (transl. pp. 52-54), design facts, first man and you will first woman, and you can a forest “whose fresh fruit try brand new 10 types of guy” – having notice in order to XV: 29 (pp. 59-60) where footnote 6 covers ten varieties of ‘monsters’, recalling stories out-of uncommon races in the Asia. Mention in addition to racial differentiation inside the ch. XXIII: 1-2 (p. 87), today grossly offending. Shayast La-Shayast (or even the Best and you will Incorrect). ch. II: 97, fnt.5 (p. 270), meanings from ‘armest’, along with ‘lame, crippled, immobility’. V: 1-2 (pp. 290-91) indicates degree off kids’ duty having wrong chatter while in the prayer big date: around 5 years, no blame; from five so you can eight, elizabeth with the father; seven so you can ten, higher amount of youth’s duty. V: 7 (pp. 292-93) excuses deaf-and-dumb person who dont generate correct response to prayers. VI: 1-2, “Brand new deaf and dumb and you may powerless” (‘armest’: footnote 2 brings likely definition here, “an enthusiastic idiot, or insane person”), although from best conduct and you may spirits, “was not able to doing an excellent works”. X: thirty five (p. 332), a woman are fit for particular priestly duties one of female; footnote 6 alludes to Avestan passageway in which “one woman who’s not feeble-minded” can create particular priestly requirements to have youngsters.

LXIV: 2-5 (pp

PAHLAVI Messages. Area II. The fresh Dadistan-we Dinik plus the Epistles off Manuskihar, transl. EW West (1882) SBE 18. Oxford: Clarendon. D. 881). ch. LXII: 4, into heredity, appears to advise that a beneficial young buck (or their spouse) “who’s blind in both attention, or crippled [armest – come across earlier annotation] in legs, or maimed both in their hands” get twice the share of an in a position-bodied young buck, a form of self-confident discrimination presumably on such basis as you prefer. Epistles out of Manuskihar. Epistle II, ch. I: 13 (p. 329), ref. to “Zaratust the brand new clubfooted (apafrobd)”. Footnote 2 ways a recently available people called Z., “that has endeavoured so you can hide new deformity one to disqualified him” regarding large priesthood. Discover also Inclusion (p. xxvi). Appendix. III, towards meaning of Khvetuk-Das, ‘next-of-kin marriage’. p. 407 revealing risks of divorce proceedings, says “vice and you will scam in addition to agony of deformity” as defects which may secretly feel associated with men.

PAHLAVI Texts. Part III. Dina-we Mainog-we Khirad; Sikand-Gumanik Vigar; Sad Dar, transl. EW West (1885) SBE 24. Oxford: Clarendon. Dina-i Mainog-we Khirad (or Opinions of one’s Spirit from Skills). Ch. XV: 1-six and you may footnote dos (p. 42), relates to “the latest poorest and most remote (armesttum) person” (find earlier annotation toward ‘armest’) exactly who keeps honesty inside imagine, word and you can deed, will have a beneficial works imputed to help you him though unable to indeed carrying out instance work. Ch. XXVI: 4-6, (p. 56), new blind individual that enjoys attained training and you can information “is usually to be regarded as voice-eyed”. XXXVII: 36 (p. 75), blessedness of a single “who provides accommodations rooms to your ill and you will secluded [‘armest’] and dealers”. Sikand-Gumanik Vigar (or the Doubt-Dispelling Factor). V: 63-64 (p. 144), when the a watch, ear canal, nostrils, limb an such like is handicapped, among almost every other organ is not any alternative. X: 64 (p. 170), reference to “tips guide body gestures” certainly ways that Zoroaster preached and convinced King Gustasp. XII: 64-70 (p. 207), blindness rates which have dark, ignorance etc inside a list of “demoniacal peculiarities”. Unfortunate Dar of Hundred or so Victims. Ch. 326-27), penalties to possess thieves is amputation regarding ear and you can (on 3rd offence) out-of right hand, and additionally a fine and you will prison sentence.