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So, enjoy who you really are now at the end of time on Sussex

So, enjoy who you really are now at the end of time on Sussex

I know you will do that also. Enjoy the reality that the latest sacrifices you made was indeed beneficial. Commemorate the belief for the your self which is caused it to be you’ll be able to. And enjoy your family Aurora, OH girls for marriage and friends whom helped you are able to this minute. Basically, celebrate. Once the she checks out the new brands aloud, the new graduands walk along side phase in order to applause and you can shake hands towards Chancellor, Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Teacher regarding Economics regarding the College of Sussex Business University, Gabriella Cagliesi:

Chancellor, I will now give you towards amount of Bachelor off Science within the Bookkeeping and you can Money, Faisal Al-Budladi. Farah Abusalha. Mohamed Enan Nayef Hamed. Ziad Alehim. Abdullah Alisai. Diab Al-Fahim. Jacques Alingham. Athul Anthony. Sriram Anoop. Raiyan Bhatt. Religious Camage. David Chanjong Limbu. Oliver Chester. Guy Hin Zhao. Ben Crystal. Ethan Kadlip. Amin Dawal. Alexios Despotidis. Knife Dunford Blitch. Hamad Elboyuk. Louis Freeze. Imran Gashi. Anasha Nawali. Cameron Grey. Nishong Gregg. Zain Hassan. Ruqiu Hu. Usain. Ali Usain. Madia Islam. Damon Court. Ron Krasnicki. Shenping Kuang. Lap Yu Leung. Ling Li. Zhanyu Liang. Kiran Limbu. Hu Lu. Shoma Majunda. Shahzaib Maikhan. Oliver Manning. Lauren Maris. Bethany Marshall. Kian Martin. Anna Morgan. Joshua Murphy. Mert Otten. Kalena Pires. Filipos Pilacouris. Riza Piares. Mishak Powell.

Shrainath Raghavan. Tilipan Rajakulasuriar. Tatiana Roglialo. Joby Reeves. Lihan Shi. Richard Su. Ishani Subash Sankar. Selim Tahir. Zahir Tahir. Wanyi Tang. Adam Tomlinson. Jude Tso. Rajan Virde. Yijia Wu. Shiyang Hu. To own Accounting and you will Funds, which have an expert Placement here, Harriet Barnes. Oscar Cruz O’Dwyer. Together with issued the fresh new prize getting Top Pupil in BSc Bookkeeping and you may Money and the ICAEW Prize to possess Most readily useful Pupil into the Financial Bookkeeping and Research, Kilometers Enslet. Ben Lonsdale. Max Rumble. Chanapa Saniha. Sofian Sugan. For Company and you will Government Knowledge, Alexandros Kontodimas. Having Fund, Joseph Chadwick. Qiu Chen. Yuxuan Chen. Max Dexter. Duong Cung. Sarah Jane Edward. Chou-Ru Fang. Anthony Golan Torres. Han Xu. Yitian Xia. Louis Kenyon. Together with as you issued the brand new award having Greatest Research project when you look at the Accounting and Fund, Au moment ou Hong-kong.

Well said. Manli Li. Maria Tsihilova. Xinxuan Wan. Xin Yu Wan. Olivia Weston. Chuen Wu. Su Xu. Lingyi Xu. Ziling Yuan. Xiaotan Zhang. Xue Zhu. To possess Finance, which have a professional Placement 12 months, as well as given the best Beginner Prize for the large Huge Indicate Get from inside the BSc Funds, Hamira Anjum. Amy Harper. Emily Taylor. For Finance and you may Team, Abdelrahman Abdelaziz. Nadir Abdeldaim. Patrick Adwaye Odhiyete. And the individual of the Mrs Emily Akinluyi Scholarship, Anushka Anand. Well done, Anushka. Including approved an informed Pupil Award with the highest Huge Imply across the BSc Money and you can Providers, Sophia Aounah. Marianne Augustino. Chloe Bolingbroke. Harvey Cracknell. Zhizi Dai. Elliot Reduction. Mohamed Este-Bayouk. Ali Fatahlah. Joshua Genco Russell. Tamilini Nanendran. Lachlan Hart. Joshua Haug. Kishar Joshi. Binu Khan. Harvey Ke.

We now label on new Professor out-of Economics on the School out-of Sussex Team College or university, Gabriella Cagliesi

Raelyn Lau. Honlu Li. Ziyao Li. Wenqi Nicole Liu. James Lillip. Duong Liu. Francesca Moore. Ian O’Hulbwen. Silong Peng. Air Bindo. Sarah Pranen. Hannah Roe. Youssef Saeeden. Ashita Tingo. Amase Tilly Giyado. Haleah Wahab. Ross Wildon. Ze Yang. Gan Yin. Mohamed Basse Mohamed Salah Youssef. Haolu Zhang. Xiaobai Zhang. Xin Yu Zhang. Having Money and you may Organization, which have a professional Location here, Diana Bednika. Thomas Canfield. Lucas Huston. Minqi Yan. To own Fund and you may Technology, Mohamed Nasser Saleh Alfana Al Araimi. Noah Assa. Hannah Azab. Ali Aldisouki. Joel Joshi. Aziz Posa. Mohammed Raham. Samuel Williams. Having financing and you may tech which have an expert positioning right here, and as one issued brand new honor to possess most useful research study in the bookkeeping and you can loans, Anil Zahir. Towards level of Learn off Science in Bookkeeping and you can Money, Siyan Zahir.