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When i translates to j (hukou homogamy), both x

When i <a href="">vilkaista weblinkki</a> translates to j (hukou homogamy), both x

record F cijkl = Equation dos + ? x ijkl + ? y ijkl + ? c ( ? x ijkl ) + ? c ( ? y ijkl )

ijkl and yijkl equal 0. xijkl indicates local-spouse-hypergamy (migrant spouse is more educated than local spouse), and yijkl indicates local-spouse-hypogamy (migrant spouse is less educated than local spouse). Thus, when i equals 0 and j equals 1 (migrant husband and local wife), xijkl equals 1 if k > l and 0 otherwise, yijkl equals 1 if k < l>

Next, we size ining the likelihood of hukou intermarriage alter which have for each wife or husband’s training (Gullickson and you can Torche, 2014), and in addition we further view type when you look at the markets change between the two locations.

log F cijkl = Equation dos + ? p = step one 2 ? p you pij + ? q = 1 dos ? q w qij + ? c ? p = 1 2 ? p you pij + ? c ? q = step 1 2 ? q w qij

When i equals j (hukou homogamy), both upij and wqij equal 0. upij measures the education effects for migrant spouses to form hukou intermarriages, and wqij measures the education effects for local spouses to form hukou intermarriages. When i equals 0 and j equals 1 (migrant husband and local wife), upij equals 1 if k >p and wqij equals 1 if l > q; when i equals 1 and j equals 0 (local husband and migrant wife), upij equals 1 if l > p and wqij equals 1 if k > q.

Thus, this model estimates separately how migrants’ and locals’ likelihoods of marrying across hukou boundaries change as their educations change. Specifically, ?p and ?q capture how the log-odds of hukou intermarriage change for migrants and locals, respectively, when moving up one level of education from either p or q (e.g., from less than high school to high school). Positive values of ? indicate that the odds of hukou intermarriage increase as migrant spouses’ educations increase, and negative values indicate that the odds of hukou intermarriage decrease as migrant spouses’ educations increase. ? provides the same information for local spouses. We expect ? to be positive and S to be negative, and we expect n and ? to be less pronounced in Shanghai than in Shenzhen.

Detailed Performance

Detailed leads to Desk 1 reveal hukou locality pairings out of spouses by the area. In Shanghai, on 47% off small-census were contracted anywhere between several migrants; in Shenzhen, one to payment are over 70%. On 38% out-of marriage ceremonies on it two regional spouses from inside the Shanghai, whereas 15% from marriage ceremonies got a couple of local spouses during the Shenzhen. Certainly, some one tended to wed in their hukou updates category in places. Both in towns and cities, marriage ceremonies ranging from an area husband and you will a beneficial migrant wife had been far likely to be than marriage ceremonies ranging from an effective migrant spouse and you may an area partner to happen (13% vs. 3% within the Shanghai and you may eleven% versus. 4% when you look at the Shenzhen). The latest part of hukou locality homogamy is similar in the a couple locations. Yet ,, we would like to translate the results with alerting, given that express out-of migrants is different on these a few places. This new cousin measurements of migrants and you may locals brings structural marital ventures for folks to get prospective spouses and finally ). Log-linear analysis allows us to take a look at the degree of hukou homogamy, internet of your compositional consequences, from the controlling to possess limited withdrawals of hukou standing.

Table 1.

I basic expose the fresh new withdrawals away from knowledge attainment having migrant husbands, local husbands, migrant wives, and regional wives when you look at the for every single town, respectively, in Shape step one . Typically, migrants was less knowledgeable than simply locals, aside from gender, both in Shanghai and you can Shenzhen. One of migrants, the male is finest knowledgeable than ladies in both Shanghai and you can Shenzhen. Conversely, one of natives, the brand new gender gap when you look at the degree is actually either brief or even stopped: regional dudes an average of are merely quite greatest knowledgeable than their female counterparts inside Shenzhen, and local women an average of be knowledgeable than just their men counterparts during the Shanghai. Log-linear habits handle to your education inequalities anywhere between folks and you can between neighbors and you may migrants to recapture new contacts between spouses’ degree and you can between educational and you can hukou area assortative mating, websites of your limited withdrawals regarding spouses’ traits.